Lawn Twister

Picture 8

I was looking for simple, yet fun games for drunks to play besides beer pong and flip cup. This seemed like a really cute and easy thing to do. Plus it would be hilarious to watch drunk people play Twister.


Red, green, yellow and blue spray paint
Poster board
Twister board (for reference)
Lawn, obviously


1) Cut out a circle. I measured the Twister dots to be a little large than 7 inches and drew that size on the poster board.



2) Begin to spray paint colored dots in order. My green didn’t come out too well.



(it was so sunny I didn’t see my finger. oops)


But that’s it! And now you have lawn Twister. Stays through rain. I assume the only way to get rid of it is cutting the grass.


Price: Spray paint was $4 each, $12
Time: Ten minutes tops
Difficulty: Not difficult at all. Unless you are

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