Before the Blog-Glitter Shot Glasses


For Christmas a group of my friends did a Secret Santa where we had to make the gift and only spend $10. I saw this idea and though it would be a cute and cheap gift to make for all the girls.  I was kind of upset how they turned out. If I had spent more money, like getting a marker for glass, they would have turned out better.

Shot glasses
Sharpie marker
Mod Podge
Paint brush


1) Wrap tape around shot glass. The bottom of the tape will be the area that you want glittered.

2) Using the paint brush, paint the bottom of the shot glass with mod podge.

3) Pour glitter into a bowl. Dunk the bottom in the glitter. Let it dry.

4) Once dried, paint over glitter with mod podge to keep it in place. Let it dry.

5) Then I just wrote lyrics on the shot glass with a Sharpie but it came out very little.


photo (1)photo (2)


Price: Under $10
Time: With drying, like 2 hours
Difficulty: It wasn’t difficult but if I had to do it again I would get glass markers and I wouldn’t use mod podge I would use an acrylic spray I saw on other websites.

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