Before The Blog-Crayon Art

Picture 46

Last winter my friend and I decided we wanted to try the whole crayon art thing. We found one that was heart shaped and we liked that better than just the straight line. I think it turned out great and everybody loves it.

A LOT of crayons (multiple packs)
Hot glue gun
Hair dryer
Newspapers/plastic table cloth/something to cover the table

1) Lay out crayons to get the shape, colors, and line up how you want it


2) Then one by one, take a crayon, peel the wrapper off, and put a line of hot glue on the crayon and put it back in its place.



3) Cover your table or wherever you are doing this project with either newspaper, plastic table cloth, cut garbage bags. Just anything to protect the area.

4) Then begin to use the hair dryer to melt the crayon. Hold the canvas so whatever part you are melting will drip down. Angle the hair dryer down as well. Do this carefully because the crayons will splatter and if you leave it too long on one section, the hot glue may become hot again and the crayon will fall off.




Time: I did it over two days. Peeling and gluing the crayons took a while.
Price: Less than $20
Difficulty: Pretty simple, just have to be careful

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