Wire Word Bracelets

Picture 44

Because jewelry can be expensive I decided to try to make some of my own (even if they aren’t as pretty and perfect).



22 gauge gold wire
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Thin gold chain
Jewelry rings
Lobster clasp


1) Write cursive word on a piece of paper so you have an image to mimic. Just by bending and using the round nose pliers, begin to shape wire into letters



2) Cut the word off the wire loop. Curl in ends, cut off excess wire and tighten the curls.


3) Attach jewelry rings to each end and add gold chain to the rings. Measure your wrist to see how much gold chain you need.


4) Attach lobster clasp to one end of a gold chain. On the other, attach just a jewelry ring or the other piece to the lobster clasp pair.






Time: 30 minutes
Price: Less than $10 and you have enough supplies to make numerous
Difficulty: It was hard to make neat letters, but it’ll probably get easier the more you make.

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Original Pinterest link: http://www.swellmayde.com/2013/03/diy-wire-love-name-bracelet-with-tassel.html

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