St. Patrick’s Day Clover Cupcakes

Picture 43

Warning: Do not try to make these if you don’t have hours of free time. These looked so cute and I wanted to make them for my co-workers and friends. But with my lack of patience because I quickly got very tired making these at 11 pm, they didn’t come out at good as I hope. But I still like them.



Cake mix (probably would have worked better with white cake)
Vanilla Icing
Green Mike & Ike’s (or other green candies)
Green and black food coloring
Ziploc sandwich bags
Piping bag


1) Using 3 marbles, shape the cupcakes liners in the shape of clovers. This was difficult for me. I found it easier to add the liner first then add the marbles.


2) Make your cake mix as usual


3) Add desired amount of green food coloring



(Don’t drop the food coloring into the batter.)


By adding tons of green food dye and then using neon green food dye, I still couldn’t achieve a nice dark green. That’s why I suggest maybe using white cake, maybe it’ll get darker.

4) Scoop some batter into a Ziploc bag and cut a small tip off one of the ends. This will make it easier to place batter neatly in the cupcake liners.



5) Bake for 12-15 minutes


Oops 15 minutes was too much for me. I switched it about 13 minutes.

6) Add green dye to icing. (Save a spoonful for the black.) Using the Wilton 47 icing tip in my piping bag, I just made a weird texture design for the icing.

7) Added green Mike & Ike’s for stems and Mentos for the eyes. Used black food coloring and the spoonful of saved icing and make eyes and a mouth.




Taste: Normal cupcake taste haha
 Almost 3 hours! I got 4 pans out of the batter (that’s 48 cupcakes!)
Price: About $15
Difficulty: Kind of hard. You just have to have patience.

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