Before The Blog-Braided Hex Bracelets

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I always thought these hex bracelets were so cute but anytime I’d see them in a store they were at least $50+. I found out how to make them during Hurricane Sandy. It was something fun to pass the time. I even sold a couple. I did a double wrap around of the braid instead of just a single wrap bracelet.


Suede Cord
18 Hex nuts
Lobster Clasps
Small jewelry rings

(The pictures are not mine. Since I only have 2 hands and can’t take pictures while making them, I took these pictures from¬†¬†)




1) Cut 3 one yard pieces of the suede cord

2) Tie a knot at the top leaving like an inch and a half of cord. Attach a lobster clasp to a jewelry ring and slide that on the suede cord.

3) Begin braiding, continue until it’s about an inch and a half long

4) Start to add the hex nuts to each outer piece before you braid it over. Push the nut all the way up and keep the braid as tight as possible.

5) Repeat this until all nuts are used

6) Continue braiding the rest of the suede cord. It’s best to figure out how big the person’s wrist is and how much extra braid you’ll need.

7) Once you’ve got enough braid for the second wrap around, slide a jewelry ring on and then tie a knot after it.




My only complaint is that because the nuts are heavy and the bracelet isn’t skin tight, the nuts always seem to fall to the underpart of your wrist and it can get annoying.


Time: 10 minutes
Because you have to buy in bulk and not individual supplies, $20
Not too hard but if you aren’t paying attention you could mess up a braid and have to do it over again

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