Before the Blog-Polar Bear Cupcakes

 Picture 22

I love making cupcakes, but more than making them, I love decorating them. I found a series of cupcake books called Hello, Cupcake! These books had the cutest topped cupcakes made from everyday foods, not fondant. This I didn’t eat because I don’t like coconut but they were a big hit!


I just used boxed cake mix since I would be spending a lot of time decorating
Vanilla Icing
Chocolate Icing
Donut Holes
Melting Chocolate
Shredded Coconut



1. Melt melting chocolate and use it to attach donut hole to the top of the cupcake. Place it far back, not in the center.

2. Place in freezer for fast hardening.

3. Icing whole cupcakes and donut hole with vanilla icing.

4. Roll in shredded coconut until covered.

5. By using the melting chocolate or vanilla frosting, attach 2 Cheerios to the top of the donut hole for ears and 4 white gumdrops for arms and legs (look at picture for placement.)

6. Gently add vanilla icing to the Cheerios and sprinkle some coconut on them so the “ears” have “fur”.

7. Put some chocolate icing in a plastic Ziplock bag, cut a TINY bit off of one corner to create a piping bag.

8. Add eyes, nose, mouth, claws and paws with the chocolate icing. (I used brown Mini M&Ms for the nose but save your money by just icing it.)

TADA now you have cute polar bear cupcakes! Make sure to serve with a plate, eating can get messy.

Picture 14


Taste: Tastes like a normal vanilla cupcake just with coconut!
Just decorating for 24 cupcakes, probably over an hour.
Under $20
Getting the donut hole, along with the Cheerios and gumdrops, to stay in place can be hard. Be patient and keep trying.

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