Before the Blog-Canvas Wall Art

Picture 20

This was a project I did before I started this blog. I didn’t know what to get my best friend for Christmas. I kept seeing canvas art like this on Pinterest and decided to go for it. I took a little bit of a different route that this tutorial. I used stencils instead of stickers because the only stickers I could find were more money than I wanted to spend.



Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Canvas board
Alphabet stencils



1) Paint the whole canvas your base color. Let it dry.

2) Tape down the stencils to canvas.

3) With second color, begin to paint inside of each stencil. This is where it gets hard because the paint will sneak under the edges of the letter. I recommend painting slowly, up and down, with minimal paint on the brush. This stopped it sometimes but some paint would still sneak under. Let that dry.

4) If you love glitter like my best friend, paint over important word(s) with glitter to give them a little more pizzazz.




Time: Painting took 20 minutes, it’s the drying that is time consuming.
Price: Under $15
Difficulty: Pretty easy. Only difficult part is trying to keep the paint from spreading under the stencils.

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